My first $1 Dolar I made Online as a Non US resident.

I finally did it! I couldn’t believe it. My first dollar online.
To some it might seem ridiculous. But for someone like me, the feeling was amazing to say the least.
Now, as the title states, I am not a US citizen. Nor am I in a country which allows me to receive funds through Paypal, Skrill, Stripe etc.
This makes it difficult for me to even attempt to set up an online shop. Even doing payed surveys isn’t working out due to my location. Heck even Amazon Turks wouldn’t let me make an account

Okay, enough complaining. What did I do and where do I go from here.
After months of trying things (In hindsight scams) I finally made up my mind. CRYPTOCURRENCY!!

I’ve lost a few readers, haven’t I.
In any case, this was the only way I earned something. I’m not going into details about cryptocurrencies.
There is a lot of content out there. And also a lot of scams. But after using, to my knowledge, a trustworthy service, I saw the beautiful possibilities.

Okay, into the how.
I used/am still using, CryptoTab.
This is a browser that mines Monero and converts it into Bitcoin. The payout does take a while, but from what I’ve seen, they are Legit.
Maybe you’re thinking that mining might slow down my computer.
Well, no. At least not with this mining method.
The browser just uses enough resources to mine and keep your computer running smoothly.

Now the beauty of CryptoTab, is your own mining network. It may look like a Multi Level Marketing scheme. And to some degree it is. But there is no startup cost.
You literally download it and start mining.
Depending on your CPU, I’d say you’d make about $3 per month.
NOT A LOT , you might say.
Here is where your mining Network comes into play.
You earn 20% earnings from every person you refer.
And if they refer someone else you get 10% of those earnings.
And it goes down 10 levels.
People have claimed to make between $300 to $4000 per month in Bitcoin.
Not bad for a Browser that pays you to use it.

Okay, I know you can see right through me. I am not selling you anything.
Maybe just a little tho.
Here is the thing, you can use my affiliate link and get started mining.

But for real, just google it and download it. You don’t have to use my link.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how much I’ve made this year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this awful post!




Putting life in perspective

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Putting life in perspective

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